Bender Shorthorns heading

Bender Family Century Farm Sign Aerial View of Bender Shorthorns
Bender family and team in Neudorf 100th Anniversary Parade

Hello, and welcome to our website.  We are pleased that you stopped by, and hope that you enjoy your time here.

There have been four generations of full time farmers here, and we have been proudly showing and promoting Shorthorns for 52 years.  Shorthorns have always helped to pay the bills.  It is possible only believe.

The photo at right shows our family participating in the 100th Anniversary Parade in Neudorf in 2005.   Riding behind the team are Glenn and Bev Bender; Blaine and Rayleen (Bender) Possberg of Star P Farms at Humboldt, and their 4 month old daughter Katherine; and Ryan Bender.

Glenn & Bev Bender
Ryan Bender
Box 296
Neudorf,Saskatchewan, Canada
S0A 2T0
Telephone: (306) 748-2876

Glenn’s cell: (306) 728-7613
Ryan’s cell: (306) 728-8613


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